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Alabama State does not have a single website for driver’s license-related issues. So you have to apply to different government bodies for different driver’s license needs. These new STAR ID cards in this state indeed have the same functions as REAL-ID in California. Anyway, here is how Alabama’s driver’s license look. Don’t forget to rate it.

Alabama State Driver License

Alaska Driver’s License

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Alaska is one single, a special destination in the United States with breathtaking landscapes. This cold state is considered America’s last frontier. In this state, there is not a dedicated Department of Motor Vehicles website. The Division of Motor Vehicles department is operating under the Department of Administration. Here is how Alaska Driver’s License looks like. This new DL has a star on it that marks that it is compatible with Real-ID requirements.

Arizona Driver’s License

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In Arizona, the name of the department that deals with driver’s licenses is Arizona Motor Vehicle Services. It doesn’t have a dedicated website. The Motor Vehicle Services operate under the Arizona Department of Transportation. The design of this card resembles California REAL-ID. The yellow star on the top right corner indicates the REAL-ID feature.

Arkansas Driver’s License

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Arkansas does also not have a dedicated website for driver license-related issues. But there is a sub-page under the Arizona.gov website which is https://mydmv.arkansas.gov/. It is called DMV just like in California and here how DL looks like. Arkansas’s REAL-ID compliant Driver’s license has a yellow star on the right top corner of the card just like many other DLs.

Arkansas Driver's License Real ID

What is Real ID?

Arkansas is taking part in the federal nationwide initiative to improve the security of state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards, which will help fight terrorism and reduce identity fraud. On October 1, 2021, anyone who boards a domestic flight or enters a federal building will either need a REAL ID driver’s license (DL) or Identification Card (ID) or will need to provide a regular identification and additional accepted forms of identification.

Source: Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration

California Driver’s License

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California is one of the earliest states that enforced REAL-ID requirements. In California, the Department of Motor Vehicles has its own department and website. But this doesn’t mean that DMV California is rather faster than other DMV’s in the United States. Anyway, the new California DL is REAL-ID compliant. There are some minor differences in the new design as you can see below.

Colorado Driver’s License

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Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV for short) is operating under the Colorado Department of Revenue. It doesn’t have a particular website. But you can apply for DL by using the https://dmv.colorado.gov/ web address. Design-wise it doesn’t look the best but it has a REAL-ID star on it.

Connecticut Driver’s License

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Like most states, Connecticut also doesn’t have a single website for DMV.  If you want detailed information about the new REAL-ID regulation, just download this PDF from the state’s official website. You can see the differences between regular DL and REAL-ID below.

State Driver's License and Real ID version
Connecticut Driver License and Real-ID version

Delaware Driver’s License

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As you can see, state driver’s licenses pictures are somehow similar but keep reading. There are really very interesting state driver’s licenses that you won’t believe exist.

Florida Driver’s License

When we look at the pictures of drivers’ licenses by state, we’ll notice the star on the right or left top of the cards. This is the REAL-ID version of the driver’s license. Most states just put a star to differentiate regular cards from REAL-ID ones. Of course, no one will wear a mask while taking DL photos. This fake photo below just shows how COVID changed our life.

florida state drivers licenses
Florida state drivers licenses

Georgia Driver’s License

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How many of you are looking to get your driver’s license? Well, if you’re in the state of Georgia then it might not be as easy as you think. In order to apply for a driver’s license in the State of Georgia, one must meet certain requirements. One such requirement is being at least 16 years old. You also need to have a Social Security card and proof that your legal presence in the U.S., which can include a birth certificate or passport depending on whether someone was born on this side of the border or not. If you’ve been convicted of any felony, some misdemeanors, or had your license revoked, then good luck with getting a drivers’ license!

Georgia Driver License

Hawaii Driver’s License

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In the State of Hawaii, driver’s licenses are issued by the Department of Transportation. The new design is called “Real ID.” There will be a star in the upper right-hand corner to signify that it meets federal standards for identification. In addition, there will also be an expiration date and security markings on the front. The back will include a 2D barcode with personal information such as name and address and a 3D machine-readable zone “MRZ” which includes your photo, signature, birth date, and sex designation. It also has some room for other things like height, weight, or eye color but they have not yet been determined what those would be used for.

Hawaii Driver's License

Idaho Driver’s License

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Idaho’s driver’s license is not a federal ID card, but it does provide identification for those who have one. The DMV issues licenses to drivers that are 16 years old and up. As of October 1st, 2016, the design has changed from its previous green color to blue with an image of Mount Borah on the front side. It will also include new security features such as laser engraving and high-resolution graphics, making it more difficult for tampering or counterfeiting.
Mt Borah is Idaho’s highest peak at 12,662 ft so it makes sense why this mountain was chosen as part of the state’s identity!

Idaho Driver's License

Illinois Driver’s License

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The Illinois State Driver License looks like a passport, but it has many differences. The most notable difference is the color: an Illinois driver’s license is green and white with a red stripe on the right-hand side. It’s also important to note that there are two categories of licenses: Class A and Class B. The following blog post will outline what these different classes entail as well as provide information on how to apply for each type of license.
The 2017 legislative session in Illinois resulted in changes to the state’s driving laws which include higher penalties for traffic violations and new restrictions for people who have had their driver’s licenses revoked or suspended due to certain criminal convictions (HB2786). These changes took effect on January 1, 2018

state of illinois drivers licenses
State of Illinois Driver’s License

Indiana Driver’s License

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There have been a lot of questions about the new Indiana driver’s license. The design for the new Indiana driver’s license is one that will stand out and be easy to recognize. The front panel has an updated version of the Hoosier State logo in gold with features like a red bow tie, white shirt, blue jeans, and work boots. On the back, there are several changes to help law enforcement officials identify drivers more easily. One change is how we show our age on licenses – instead of just being 18 or 21 years old as it was before, now you can choose between 18-19 years old or 20-21 years old when your birthday falls within those ranges.

Iowa Driver’s License

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On July 1, 2017, the Iowa Department of Transportation will be implementing a new driver’s license. The most noticeable change is that it now has a gold star on the top right corner of its photo. If you are a resident of Iowa, then it is time to get your new driver’s license or ID card. The process is simple and straightforward. You can apply for either a standard driver’s license, an enhanced driver’s license (EDL), or an identification card (ID) online with the Department of Transportation through the eLicensing system.

Kansas Driver’s License

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There are many ways to obtain a driver’s license in the United States, but they all have one thing in common: it is illegal to drive without being licensed. This blog post will explore how the State of Kansas new driver’s license looks like and what you need to do if you’re going for your first time. The requirements vary depending on whether or not you’ve had a valid driver’s license before, so make sure to read up before making your trip. Fortunately, there are usually plenty of DMV locations near where you live that can help with this process.

Kentucky Driver’s License

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In the United States, new drivers licenses are issued by each state. They vary in design and appearance depending on which state issued it, but all contain some common elements like a photo of the driver and their signature. The Kentucky Department of Transportation has recently updated its driver license to include things like an eye scanner for facial recognition and a laser-engraved 3D starburst with a holographic image that is difficult to duplicate. As you can see from this blog post intro paragraph, there are many different ways that states have designed their own driver’s license cards!

Kentucky state drivers licenses

Louisiana Driver’s License

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The State of Louisiana has finally released the new driver’s license and it looks quite different from the old one. The Louisiana State Government has come up with a new way to issue driver licenses. The REAL ID is the newest form of identification for people in Louisiana, and it will be needed if you want to access certain federal buildings or fly on an airplane. What does this new license look like? Here’s what you need to know about the new REAL ID: -The document contains a star that indicates when your card expires (gold star means expired). -It is printed with “not for federal identification purposes.” This means it can’t be used as an alternative for passports or immigration documents such as green cards.

Louisiana state drivers licenses

Maine Driver’s License

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The State of Maine REAL ID driver license is a new form of identification that will be required for certain transactions in 2020. The card has been redesigned and the signature field has been moved from the bottom to the top next to your photo. It will require additional identity information, such as name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, height or weight, and eye color. The front side also includes a full-color digital photograph with an embedded security mark visible only under ultraviolet light.

Maine state drivers licenses

Maryland Driver’s License

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If you are a resident of Maryland and have been wondering what the new driver’s license looks like, then this post is for you. After the passage of the REAL ID Act in 2005, states have had to comply with federal requirements that included presenting more secure documents at airports from 2020 onwards. All residents will need to provide an enhanced form of identification which includes a headshot photo taken against a light background and is printed on tamper-resistant paper. The front side also contains your full legal name as it appears on your Social Security card, signature, date of birth, and sex designation. On the backside, all addresses listed since 2006 are noted along with any dates when they were verified or updated plus the expiration date based upon age.

Maryland state drivers licenses

Massachusetts Driver’s License

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The Massachusetts REAL ID driver license is a new type of identification card that will be required for boarding airplanes and entering federal facilities. The new law, which goes into effect in 2020, requires anyone who wishes to apply for the card to provide their Social Security Number. In order to get your hands on the coveted license, you’ll need two proofs of residency, one proof of identity, and one proof of citizenship. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list with all the documents needed below!

The Massachusetts REAL ID driver license is a new type of identification card that will be required for boarding airplanes and entering federal facilities. The new law, which goes into effect in 2020, requires anyone who wishes to apply for the card to provide.

Michigan Driver’s License

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The Michigan REAL ID driver license is a card that will soon be required to enter military bases, federal facilities, and nuclear power plants. It’s also going to be needed for domestic air travel in 2020. The new cards are being phased in gradually, with the goal of everyone getting one by October 1, 2020. In order to get a REAL ID Driver License, you must first apply for an Enhanced Driver License or Enhanced State ID Card at your local Secretary Of State office or county clerk’s office. Once you have this card you will need it every time you go through airport security because it has been verified as meeting the requirements of the new TSA standards for identification and verification.

Minnesota Driver’s License

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Minnesota Driver’s License is the most common form of identification for people in the U.S. The REAL ID driver’s license will be a new type of driver’s license that will be issued by the Minnesota Department Of Public Safety starting July 1, 2020. The REAL ID driver licenses will have a gold star on them to indicate they are compliant with federal law regarding proof of identity and date of birth information required by TSA to board commercial aircraft without restrictions as well as other federal agencies that require identification, such as banks, nuclear facilities and restricted areas at airports to name few. A person who currently has a regular Minnesota drivers’ license can still use it until 2020 when they need to replace it.

Mississippi Driver’s License

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The Mississippi REAL ID is a new license that all Mississippians will need to have started in October 2020. The state has long been an outlier on the issue of REAL IDs, which are meant to bolster security and cut down on fraud. All states except for Missouri and Washington State had already begun issuing them when Mississippi passed legislation last year mandating the use of the cards by October 1, 2020. The card looks different from current drivers’ licenses with a star in place of a photo and more prominent text reading “Not for Federal Identification.” It also includes bar codes, magnetic strips, and other features designed to combat fraud.

Missouri Driver’s License

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The Missouri REAL ID driver’s license is what you need to get on a plane and travel within the United States. The new card will be issued starting in 2020, so if you’re getting one now, it’s an interim card. You’ll have to renew your old one before this date to receive the new version. If you don’t, you risk being asked for another form of identification when going through airport security or boarding a flight.

The Missouri REAL ID will look different than your current driver’s license because it has more visible features like barcodes and 2D images of landmarks from around our state. This makes scanning easier for law enforcement and TSA agents who want to verify that your credentials are authentic before letting you onto a plane or into certain federal

Montana Driver’s License

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Montana has experienced some changes with its driver’s licenses. The latest version of the Montana REAL ID Driver License looks like a passport. This is because of new federal regulations that are now in place. What does this mean for you? It means that when you go to an airport, they will be able to scan your license and know if it is valid or not just by looking at it. If it’s not valid, then they will ask for another form of identification such as a passport or military ID. So make sure that when your renewal comes up, you’re ready with your Montana REAL ID Driver License!

Nebraska Driver’s License

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Nebraska REAL ID driver license looks like a standard Nebraska driver license, but with a gold star in the top right corner. This means that it meets federal requirements for air travel and is accepted by TSA agents at international airports.

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has been issuing these licenses since January 11th, 2018 to comply with federal law for air travel security measures. The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress following 9/11 to combat terrorism and improve national security in the United States. It requires all states to issue more secure identification cards through proof of verified identity as well as stricter standards on information storage and data retention when issuing licenses or ID cards.

Nevada Driver’s License

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Nevada REAL ID Driver License is a new form of identification that will be required nationwide by October 2020. Nevada DMV announced on July 1st, 2018, the launch of the new licenses and IDs for customers. The updated card has been redesigned to provide more security features and make it easier to read. All Nevadans will need to update their driver’s license or state ID with these changes when they renew their documents at a later date.
Nevada DMV’s goal is to ensure all residents can travel both domestically and internationally without any restrictions from October 2020 onward. In order to get this type of driver’s license, you must visit your local DMV in person with proof of identity (birth certificate, social security card), proof of address (utility bill).

New Hampshire Driver’s License

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The New Hampshire REAL ID driver’s license is a new design that was introduced in January 2017. It features the state’s motto, “Live Free or Die,” on the top of the front side and has stars representing each of New Hampshire’s counties on the bottom left side. The backside has a larger version of the state motto with an eagle at its center.
During a time when there are heightened concerns about security and safety, this updated driver’s license will help identify those who live in our communities as they travel for work, school, or leisure. This new license will be accepted by airport authorities nationwide as identification to board domestic flights beginning October 1st, 2020; it will also provide other benefits such as accessing federal facilities and nuclear power plants without additional ID documents.

New Jersey Driver’s License

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In the United States, there are 50 states and each state has different qualifications for driver licenses. To make it easier to travel between states, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created a federal identification program called REAL ID. The New Jersey REAL ID Driver License looks similar to a regular driver’s license but with an added star in the upper right corner that signifies that it is a federally compliant license.

The DHS will start enforcing these new IDs on October 1st, 2020 and this change will impact anyone who does not have one of these federally compliant licenses. If you need to renew or get your first New Jersey REAL ID Driver License, please contact your local DMV office today!

New Mexico Driver’s License

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The New Mexico REAL ID Driver License is the latest innovation in driver licenses. The card will be marked with a star and “NM” to indicate that it’s compliant with new federal requirements for airports and other federally controlled facilities, such as military bases. If you’re not flying or visiting a base, there’s no need to get one of these licenses yet. You can still use your regular license until October 2020 when they go into full effect.
The New Mexico REAL ID Driver License is the newest innovation in driver licenses available today! It will have an asterisk on it and “NM” to designate that it complies with new federal requirements for airports and other federally controlled facilities, such as military bases.

New York Driver’s License

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The New York REAL ID driver’s license is a new type of identification card that will be required for all drivers in the state. The new cards are being issued to comply with federal law and are expected to be available by 2020. These IDs will look different than other licenses. They will have “REAL ID” printed on the front, as well as a star symbol indicating that it meets federal requirements. In addition, these cards may not list any information about what type of vehicle an individual is licensed to drive or whether they need glasses or can use hearing aids because this could reveal personal health-related information about another person who uses their same name or address.

ny state drivers licenses
NY State Driver Licenses

It is an important thing to have a driver’s license in the United States. But sometimes, people are wondering what does New York REAL ID Driver License looks like? It will be really helpful for you to know how it looks like and if it is different from other states! The new design of the card has been released on April 2nd, 2018. And now we can see that there are some changes made to make sure that this card is more secure than before. So what’s new about it? Let’s take a closer look at the features below:

It will be really helpful for you to know how your state’s REAL ID Driver License looks like because these cards prove who you are and provide convenience when traveling or accessing federal buildings

North Carolina Driver’s License

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North Carolina’s REAL ID driver license is now in effect, so you should know what it looks like. The North Carolina DMV offers a new design for the driver’s license that will be required by 2020 for anyone who wants to board a domestic flight or enter certain federal facilities. You can apply for your NC REAL ID Driver License at any of our DMV locations across the state.
It is important to note that not all North Carolina residents need an NC REAL ID Driver License! If you are over 18 and do not have a valid U.S. Passport, then you must get one before October 1, 2020, if you wish to fly domestically or access military bases without using other forms of identification such as an employer-provided photo ID card showing your identity.

North Dakota Driver’s License

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The North Dakota REAL ID driver’s license is a new identification card that has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security. The card will be used to enter restricted areas like airports and military bases, as well as other federal facilities or nuclear power plants. It is important for you to know how to get it if you want this type of security measure for yourself.
The North Dakota REAL ID driver license looks very similar to the standard driver’s license with just a few changes such as an insert on the front cover which says “REAL ID Driver License” and in addition, there are two stars at the bottom right corner of each individual’s picture on their card. The number after your name will also have a gold star next to it.

Ohio Driver’s License

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The Ohio driver’s license will be changing in October 2020. The new Ohio REAL ID Driver License will feature a star in the top right corner and you’ll need to show it when boarding an airplane or entering certain federal facilities. If you have an out-of-state driver’s license, then you won’t need to get the REAL ID for some time but eventually, all driver’s licenses will require this new form of identification.

Oklahoma Driver’s License

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Oklahoma REAL ID driver license is a new type of identification that will be required to enter secure federal facilities and board domestic flights. You may also need it for other activities such as nuclear power plants or military bases. The Oklahoma REAL ID card is the same size as a traditional driver’s license but has a gold star in the upper right-hand corner of its face (in place of the words “Federal Limits Apply” which are printed on traditional licenses).
The Oklahoma REAL ID card does not replace your current state-issued credential; it will simply serve as an additional form of identification. If you have questions about whether this applies to you, please contact your local DMV office.

state drivers licenses

Oregon Driver’s License

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Oregon is one of the first states to issue a REAL ID driver’s license which complies with the 2005 federal law. The new cards are not only federally compliant but also compliant with Oregon’s own requirements for identification documents, including:

  • A clear image of the cardholder in color;
  • The cardholder’s signature; and
  • An expiration date no more than 8 years from date of issuance. These features will help improve security and avoid fraud by making it easier to verify identity on site.
state drivers licenses

Pennsylvania Driver’s License

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Pennsylvania REAL ID driver license is a new form of identification for U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents that will be available starting on October 1, 2020. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has been working with the federal government to ensure compliance with the REAL ID Act passed by Congress in 2005. The new law requires certain verification processes and standards for state-issued driver licenses and IDs to reduce fraud, counterfeiting, identity theft, terrorism, or other criminal activity related to obtaining these documents.
Pennsylvania REAL ID Driver Licenses will be marked with gold lettering rather than blue like regular Pennsylvania driver licenses: “PA” followed by a star, indicating that this is an official form of identification.

state drivers licenses

Rhode Island Driver’s License

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The Rhode Island REAL ID driver license is a new type of identification card that will be issued to those who live in the state and want to take advantage of some federal facilities. It has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security and Common Sense for America. The card, which was announced on January 1, 2019, will be offered in place of a standard driver’s license or ID card when people come across these security checkpoints at airports or other federally regulated areas. These cards are not mandatory yet but they could soon become necessary as more states adopt them nationwide.

state drivers licenses

South Carolina Driver’s License

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There’s a new license for South Carolina residents that will be issued beginning in 2020. It has a gold star on the top right corner of it and is called REAL ID. This means that you might need to get one if you are going to fly or use certain government facilities like military bases. The reason behind this change is because there was concern about identity theft and other nefarious activities being done with fake IDs. There’s not too much information out yet about what exactly these licenses will entail, but it stands to reason that they will have stronger security features than what we currently have now in place.

state drivers licenses

South Dakota Driver’s License

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The South Dakota REAL ID driver’s license looks like a standard driver’s license, but with the “REAL ID” designation on the top of the card. It is also marked as being valid for federal identification purposes. The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005 in response to 9/11 and other terrorist attacks.

state drivers licenses

Tennessee Driver’s License

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Tennessee REAL ID driver license is a new type of identification card that was introduced to the public on March 10th, 2017. It has stricter guidelines than the traditional Tennessee Driver License which will make it more difficult for people to get one or travel out of state with an outdated ID. There are different types of Tennessee REAL IDs and this blog post will explain the difference between each type. The most common form is the Standard Identification Card which does not require proof of citizenship but does require proof of residency in Tennessee and Social Security number verification. These cards can be used as identification at airports, federal facilities, and nuclear power plants until September 2023 when they will no longer be valid forms of identification according to TSA regulations.

Tennessee state drivers licenses

Texas Driver’s License

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The Texas REAL ID driver’s license is one of the most secure and up-to-date documents you can have to prove your identity. It has a star in the upper right corner that will be gold if it meets standards. If it does not, there will be an orange star with black lines through it. The card also features a picture of your face, laser engraved on microprinting security paper and enhanced by UV ink for photo-identification purposes. The front side of the card has your name, date of birth, sex designation (male or female), height, weight, and eye color listed as well as other information like address county name and zip code.

state of texas drivers licenses

Utah Driver’s License

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Utah REAL ID driver licenses are a new type of identification card that is required by the Department of Homeland Security to be used as proof of identity and provide access to certain areas. Utah REAL IDs will not be issued until January 2020. There will be 3 different types of cards:

(1) Standard, which has no additional features;

(2) Enhanced Driver License, which includes an RFID chip in the back cover; and

(3) Limited Purpose Card, which does not include an RFID chip or have any other special features. In order for your current license to remain valid after October 1st, 2020 it must have been issued on or after 2008 with a star in the upper right-hand corner OR you must apply for a renewal before this date.

Utah state drivers licenses

Vermont Driver’s License

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The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles has recently announced that the new driver licenses will be coming out on October 1, 2020. The new license includes a star in the upper right-hand corner and is printed with a gold color instead of green. This means that if you are looking for an ID card to use for federal purposes like boarding domestic flights or entering certain federal buildings, you’ll need to carry your passport as well. What do you think about this change? How does it make you feel?

state drivers licenses

Virginia Driver’s License

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Virginia is the latest state to offer REAL ID driver licenses. For many people, this may seem like a no-brainer and they are wondering why it took so long for Virginia to join the other states that have already adopted these new security measures. However, there are some reasons why Virginia has been slow in joining the ranks of states who make their residents secure with REAL IDs. The General Assembly did not approve legislation until 2017 despite Governor Terry McAuliffe’s desire for them to do so in 2015. These licenses will be marked with “Virginia” and “REAL ID Compliant” on the front of them instead of just showing a person’s full name as it does now.

state drivers licenses

Washington Driver’s License

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The new Washington REAL ID driver license is now available. The card will be marked with a star in the upper right corner and it has to be carried along with other identification documents at all times. Washington residents can go online, through the mail, or in-person to get their new driver’s license by providing proof of identity and residency. In addition, they have to provide evidence that they are Washington state residents when applying for this card.

wa state drivers licenses
WA State Driver Licenses

West Virginia Driver’s License

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It is finally time for West Virginia drivers to get a REAL ID driver’s licenses. This means that if you have a standard driver’s license now, you are going to need to upgrade it at the DMV in order to continue driving legally. For those who don’t know what a REAL ID card is, this basically means that they will be able to enter federal buildings and flights without any hassle. With the new law coming into effect on October 1st, 2020 everyone needs their REAL ID or else they won’t be able to board planes or even visit military bases.

Wisconsin Driver’s License

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Wisconsin will be issuing new driver licenses in 2020, but what does a Wisconsin REAL ID Driver License look like? The following is a list of features that are different on the Wisconsin REAL ID Driver License. Unlike current driver licenses, the back of the card is green and has an eagle with wings spread. There is also a gold star at the upper right corner to indicate it’s compliant with federal requirements for domestic air travel. It contains your full name, gender, date of birth, and expiration date. A small hologram has been added to present security features such as ghost images and micro-printing which can only be seen under ultraviolet light.

Wyoming Driver’s License

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The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WY DOT) is now issuing REAL ID driver licenses. The new card design features a star in the upper right-hand corner that will verify your identity for federal purposes, such as airport security and entering some government buildings. It also includes security features like laser engraving and microprinting that make it more difficult to counterfeit than traditional cards.

Washington D.C. Driver’s License

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Washington DC residents must request a new license from DMW before their current one expires or they risk being denied boarding on flights within or outside the US starting October 2020. Residents should start preparing now by visiting DMV D.C. for more information about how to comply with these new requirements!

state drivers licenses